Some info about indicator and website

Hello world!

Today is 5’th day when i started this point and figure blog/site.

Almost every day i am adding piece after piece to this site. As every one of us – i have lack of time. This is because of my university exams and graduation work writing. So don’t be angry if you will see here: errors, not finished pages,posts or another bugs. 🙂

So, what is done for the moment:
* Customizable boxsize & stepsize
* Customizable user interface(colors, font sizes etc)
* Two views:  “X/O” & “boxes”
* Grid painting
* Date showing(with ability to on/off: year, month, day displaying)
* Updated grid painting algorithm(saves about 20% of cpu)

What left to do:
* Auto TrendLines(very hard thing)   🙁
* Documentation(how to use)

Please, feel free to ask me any questions about PnF or my future PnF indicator.

Any advices and suggestions are also welcome!

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6 Responses

  1. RotcaX says:

    Keep at it. In my excel based PNF I ignored trend-lines but did implement sell coloring for the simple PNF signals (Double Top, Triple Top, etc). My question is: do you assure that the first price measured is actually a value that matches your “Box Size”. I have seen PNF implementations where the box size will be 10 and the “box line” will be at a number not evenly divisible by 10. Need to assure a zero modulus for the starting data set. Very important when you start doing extreme box sizes, ie 17, 31, etc. Good paper:

  2. Yes RotcaX, at the moment trend-lines are my headache, for last 3 days i am trying to figure how to plot them automatically on chart window.

    Answer to question:
    firstly, indicator takes first(oldest) price bar from the whole sequence of history bars. Then indicator starts counting when the price had increased/decreased by “BoxSize”, and finally – algorithm is drawing “X or O”.

    So there is no problem with extreme box sizes, ie: 17,31,11,19 and so on.
    And there is also no need to assure a zero modulus for the starting data set.

    Thanks for the link! good one.

  3. amm says:

    This’s very interesting. Thank for sharing

  4. amm thanks bro, soon i will place indicator here, just wait a little bit

  5. gökmen says:

    dear michal. these templates are running in only €/$ .not other pairs.
    in other pairs a couple of days are displayed only.
    please ı did anything wrong.

    thanks for advance

  6. gökmen good day,
    hmm interesting, indicator should work with all the pairs, even with stocks and indices, i have tested it. Maybe you have downloaded wrong version of indicator, i mean 5 or 4 digit price?
    Try this:
    open new pair chart, click on M1, wait a moment while MT transfers price date, then apply one of cute pnf indicator templates, if there still will be problem try to change timeframe to M5, also try to decrease boxsize at indicator preferences.
    If it still will not work – drop me a screenshot with the problem or write what pair and what price digit version of indicator. you are using and we will find the solution!