Polls results: do you need Point and Figure(PnF) indicator for Meta Trader?

Hello, i am back!
This are results of oldest poll.

42 from 52 said – yes we need it, so lets use it and talk about it! If you have any questions about Point and Figure method or this indicator, please feel free to ask!

some news about site and indicator:
* i ‘ve applied & included google adsense to this website(so dont be ungry for little ads placed here 😀 – its the way for blog to live)
* friends links added
* i am trying to create auto-pattern drawing option for Cute PnF indicator

That’s it for now. 🙂
Thanks for voting!

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2 Responses

  1. ratu says:


    the pnf charts only works for H1 ? etc H4,D1,Wk,Mth.

    • Hello, no pnf chart works for all TF’s , but remember: that smaller TF give us more accuracy in charting point and figure chart.