How to get v1.1 – FREE (download)

*Before ordering/downloading, check your MetaTrader 4 platform – is it based on
4(e.g. EUR/USD = 1.1234) or 5(e.g. EUR/USD = 1.12345) digits price.

ORDER NOW – Version 1.3(newest) – cost 29$


The version 1.3 includes all features of v1.1 and v1.2, plus these new ones:
* Added ability to add fully customizable(width, period, color) moving averages
* Added mail alert when new column of X’s or O’s appears
* Added ability to view each column’s reverse time
* CPU using optimization
* Additional 4 templates for boxes and X/O views
* Added TREND LINES drawing ability!!! (Now, trend lines will not disappear or shift when plotted(up to 4 trend lines allowed))
* Ability to attach: Fibonacci Retracement, Gann Fan, Gann Line, Gann Grid and all other object based on two coordinates(Fibonacci Time Zones, Arcs, Fans etc.).
* Alert signals when new column of X’s or O’s appears
* Added alert sound signal when new column of X’s or O’s appears
* Added warning when selected time frame is too big(helps to avoid crash of MT4)
* Some corrections added to grid painting

For installation instructions read readme.tx file, find it at archive folder.!!!

Older FREE versions
Version 1.1

Cute Point & Figure v1.1 indicator’s features:
* Very easy in use and understanding
* Customizable boxsize & stepsize
* Customizable user interface(colors, font sizes etc)
* Two views: “X/O” & “boxes”
* Date showing(with ability to on/off: year, month, day displaying)
* Fast grid painting algorithm
* Ability to be attached to Forex, stocks, indices, metal charts
* Suitable for scalping and for longer period trading
* Really Cute and simple look of X/O chart

For 4 digits price MT4 platforms use:
For 5 digits price MT4 platforms use:

*If download doesn’t start – try to click on needed upper link right mouse button and select “SAVE LINK AS…”.