Plotting trend-lines

* For written step-by-step trend plotting instructions – have a look below or read the readme.txt(placed in indicator’s archive package).

Important: this trend-lines plotting instructions are common only for Cute PnF indicator version 1.2 or higher.

Plotting trend lines

You can plot up to 4 trend lines which will not shift and not dissapear.

1. Plot one trend line(use standard MT4 trend plotting tool)
2. Go to its properties:
2.1. double click to select plotted trendline(or use object list)
2.2. then right click on it
2.3. choose Trendline properties
2.4. find section Name and change it to: trend1′ (without ”), also all leters must be lower-case
2.5. set other options if needed(e.g: can uncheck ray feature) and press OK

That’s it, now your trendline called ‘trend1’ will be attached to chart and will not disappear and shift.
If needed you can plot more trendlines(up to 4). For that  repeat all steps posted above, but at step 2.4 don’t forget to rename second trend line to ‘trend2’, third to ‘trend3’, fourth to ‘trend4’.