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Hey all, i have updated forexpnf blog. From now in upper menu you can find “Other FX stuff” section, which includes:

*Realtime FX Charts – kind a cool stuff – online Point and Figure charts for main pairs (E/U, G/U, U/C, N/U…)
*Forex News Calendar – simple forexfactory news calendar.
*Forex TV – Short news about the market.
*Chart & Fibo patterns – indicates us what/where pattern is spotted.

Also, if there are any questions or suggestions new – “Contact me” section is available.

In near future i am thinking about the mix of few different MT4 indicators, such as RSI or Bollinger Bands with the Cute PnF indicator.

*click on pic. to zoom

From my point of view(i am still researching/testing it) it can help us to find(filter) better entry points on PnF pattern breakout. Look example above.

Wish you best!

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2 Responses

  1. jps says:

    Hello, Very interesting to find PNF for the MT4. I have traded commodities using pnf and find it a great trading tool. I am eager to try it out on the BestDirect MT4

    If this works I will be glad to have a link coming back here.