Plotting Fibs & Gann lines

So, Cute PnF indicator v1.2 is able to hold(in place) on the chart not only trend lines, but also: Fibs, Gann Lines, Gann Fans and Gann Grids. If you are not familiar with Gann tools, you can read about it here.

Instruction is almost the same as about plotting trendlines: here.
The main difference is that you’ll have to change plotted object’s(Fibs, Gann Line/Fan/Grid) name to trend1, trend2, trend3 or trend4 .
Remember, you are able to plot up to 4 objects on one chart. Those four objects will not shift and not disappear from the chart.
Types of objects which are suitable for Cute PnF v1.2 chart: Trend Lines, Fibonacci Retracement, Gann Fan, Gann Line, Gann Grid and all other object based on two coordinates(Fibonacci Time Zones, Arcs, Fans etc.).

Short instruction:
1. Plot one of the mentioned above objects(use standard MT4 trend plotting tool or INSERT>>Gann / Fibonacci menu)
2. Go to it’s properties:
2.1. double click to select plotted object(or use object list)
2.2. then right click on it
2.3. choose object’s properties
2.4. find section Name and change it to: trend1, also all leters must be lower-case
2.5. set other options if needed(e.g: can uncheck ray feature) and press OK